You work hard and deserve to get paid for the services you provide your clients. In Florida the Lien Law is in place to protect your company. Register for our online Lien Law Document Service now!


Billing must be done promptly and accurately. The longer you take to put in your invoice, the more questions or excuses that will arise from your client in respect to the services provided, work performed, or materials supplied. You must also bill accurately and provide all documentation, complete all forms required as back up by your client so you do not give them any reason to delay or question your payment. It is critical to bill for all line items, materials, or services to be profitable in this business.


Keeping up with the lien law deadlines is crucial in protecting your rights and ensure collection. You must exercise your rights to ensure you are paid what you have earned. Having a reliable collection strategy is integral to maintaining enough cash flow to remain solvent and maximize profit.


We provide training for our clients and staff on setting up efficient billing and collection procedures, as well as how to benefit from the protection you have under the Lien Law in the State of Florida.